Build History

Build 00809 20141204 e-Mail attachments being dropped because of "Illegal" characters in file name some of which were legal characters. Build 00806 20141130 Spooler Background Task may now also run on 4D Client 20141130 Admin user -> name and shortcode cannot be changed anymore in the GUI 20141130 Admin user -> never times out 20141130 Fixed a bug that would repeat the transferred time from a case folder, if Timesheet left open and user logged off Build 00800 20141109 Improved input form with a splitter to allow to see long project names 20141109 Incremented project name field from Alpha 41 to Alpha 71 Build 00675 20141125 Fixed bug Credit Notes are now created with payer either from selected invoice OR as defined in case settings Build 00674 20141124 Make the e-mail main address match the highlighted primary address IF a specific case is specified. Build 00667 20141106 Hide License button for demo structures 20141106 When entring Expansion Licenses the Activate License button will not highlight if the license has already been entered 20141106 Improved Identifying New and Imported Records Build 00665 20141104 Revised code to Show/Replace Base license when a new Base License is entered 20141104 Make About Dialog disappear when Entering License Dialog 20141104 Fixed Drafts tab in I_Input sometimes not maintaining highlight Build 00659 20141028 I disabled the Unique attribute of the [CTAL_ACCEPT_RECORDS]SEQ_CTLA_CONTRACTS_ID field 20141028 Worked on the WinJur migration Build 00638 20140918 New INV_INSERT command lines_nogroup_xxx_yyy_zzz lets the user exclude all services of groups that are included in the expression from the list of lines Build 00637 20140915 New preview window in the archive section, which allows to click through documents and see automatically its contents 20140910 Workound OBJECT SET SCROLL POSITION being too slow when trying to scroll in D_Output form for addresses Build 00625 20140819 New feature for automatic transfer of services to a compound case for compound invoicing Build 00619 20140711 Added action menu to change start date of invoice plan creation Build 00618 20140709 Added error handling call to Starface usage Build 00617 20140705 Always replace double quote with quote in RDR_CREATE_MAILMERGE_DOC Build 00615 20140624 Modified timeSheet export all search criteria 20140624 Added Error message when attempting to open PDF files using PDF Viewer 11.0.07 20140624 Added Error message when attempting to Drop Excel timesheets on Windows Build 00614 20140623 Revised Cloud to use "|" by default unless defined in Cloud_ReplacePathPipe Parameter always uses "_" on Windows 20140623 Added code to Save Archive to Desktop to export even when there are no Projects for the Address 20140623 Fixed bug in Dossier where any closed case caused "No Case" to appear in the Archives window Build 00612 20140618 Added Plain or Grey for Foreign Projects on Mac in the Dossier Window 20140618 Added Italics for Foreign Projects on Windows in the Dossier Window 20140618 Optimized Deadline reminders code on Clients 20140618 Moved Deadline tickets to Server Build 00611 20140617 Fixed bug importing Excel spreadsheets on Windows when dropping the Excel document on the timesheet 20140617 Fixed bug in exporting Excel spreadsheets when holding down the Option key Build 00610 20140616 Fixed bug in creating relationships on Windows, using clipboard which converted special characters, switched to SQL for windows 20140616 Fixed bug importing Excel spreadsheets on Windows Build 00609 20140613 Exchanged yellow GUI icons Build 00606 20140609 Exchanged blue GUI Icons with newer version 20140609 Fixed bug in TODO_TODO_VALIDATE 20140609 Fixed a small bug in PROJ_SERVICELINES_MANAGER Build 00604 20140531 Added 'Training Portal' menu item to the File Menu 20140531 Minor improvements to the 'attached drive' feature Build 00603 20140528 Re-Inserted Calculator button on invoices output form 20140528 Fixed a bug in the trigger of [CASH_TRANSACTIONS] and created update method to fix eventual problems in accounting Build 00602 20140528 Implemented new toolbar gui icons Build 00601 20140521 Upon importing files, tSL now takes the file modification date into account and saves the file with the file date into the archives 20140521 Pressing the Option Key while creating an external Timesheet will now copy ALL projects into the Timesheet 20140521 Finalized the implementation of the Tarif for Liechtenstein Build 00600 20140517 Steamlined Cloud Drive GUI on the parameters form and on the settings form 20140517 Added new 'attached drive' feature, allowing users to drag a folder to the case folder or dossier header and attach it there 20140517 Implemented 'export archive' feature in the action button -> code is still missing to do the actual export Build 00586 20140509 Added Archive Desktop Folders feature Build 00585 20140506 Added code to check that documents in the DROP folder belong to valid Accounts if not they are ignored 20140506 Installed latest version of tobit plugin Build 00584 20140505 Added code to check if document is Invisible in the Drop folder and if so, DO NOT IMPORT 20140505 Created special menu for TimeSheet dialog which excludes projects set to Invisible for timesheet 20140505 Added code to loop through the "frames" in 4D Write to fill in the variables and references Build 00583 20140423 Improved safety regarding the drop folder in the inbound spooler (warning comes up always and is abortable) Build 00580 20140421 New case property "Timesheet - invisible" for cases, that are rather administrative Build 00578 20140417 Implemented new Action Button command "Copy selection to Drafts section" on the Archives page 20140417 In the charts of accounts, only accounts that are not mandatory may be deleted by the user Build 00577 20140417 Turned index ON for two fields with the unique attribute set (to be compatbile with 4D 13.5 and 14.1) 20140417 Archive registers may now be all collapsed or expanded by clicking onto the first column header Build 00575 20140413 Added code to prevent Mavericks App Nap Build 00574 20140409 Made D_ImportSource form larger for Italian Build 00573 20140408 Added past midnight tasks to the task scheduler Build 00571 20140403 Made sure that an invoice can only be created if accounting is open at that date Build 00535 20140206 A credit note will now be created for the same debtor as the source invoice Build 00534 20140204 Comments are now displayed in inverted order (newest comment at the top) 20140204 Crediting an invoice will create a credit note with the tax option identical to the one of the invoice Build 00529 20140126 Articles can now be configured to get their prices from the pricelist (default), fixed price or from specific tarif rules Build 00524 20140115 Enhanced the Mail Button from the output form: if one single contact record selected, then the case id is now automatically inserted into the Subject field. In case there are several possible cases, then a pop up menu asks the user about the correct case Build 00522 20140113 Implemented Drag&Drop of Word documents onto the Template chooser Build 00516 20131228 Implemented ability to gracefully change between tax systems (vereinbart/vereinnahmt) Build 00515 20131228 Implemented possibility to handle multiple claim accounts for one single case